Crossing borders between outside and inside  

Bebo Objects is a new Swedish brand that was launched in 2022. We are a Nordic lifestyle brand in furniture and interior design that creates well-crafted furniture and interior details that can transcend boundaries between outdoor and indoor environments, with the goal of adding value and joy to people’s lives. Our furnitures are timeless in design and quality, hoping that they will remain when our children and grandchildren one day inherit them. Long product life cycles create sustainability in itself, but we also work to reduce the impact our work has on the planet today. 

”We want to challenge the common image of how and when you can use the outdoor environments in our constantly changing climate. In this way, we can both extend the outdoor season and maximize the life of the products. 

We started Bebo Objects to offer products with interesting expressions and an inherent calm, created to give character and function regardless of the environment. Outdoors or indoors. Flexibility and freedom increase the use and value of each product. Clean lines and carefully selected materials provide the conditions to slow down the pace. Breathe. Meet. Finding peace – a new and long-awaited quality in everyday life. 

Bebo Objects AB
Brogatan 1
335 73 Hillerstorp

Adam Jismark
Försäljning / Marknad

Mattias Karlsson
Produktsortiment / Export