LUCTRA® is the brand for good working light in the office or at home

Freedom and flexibility – this is what we strive for, which also applies to our choice of workplace. Our goal is to provide every user with the best possible light anywhere at any time. Light which not only illuminates, but promotes alertness, higher activity levels and restful sleep for its users. We are all unique so LUCTRA® gives each user the ability to adjust their lighting exposure according to their own personal needs.

Behind LUCTRA® stands the long-established company DURABLE, which has already been dedicated to professional work for almost a century: to its organisation, its processes and its equipment. We believe more experience would be hard to find. LUCTRA® has set out to provide the best possible working light and every LUCTRA® lamp is hand-crafted in Germany. FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION - A principle followed consistently with LUCTRA®. The many different functions are presented in an expressive, yet unpretentious design.

Rosenlundsgatan 40
118 53 Stockholm


Lena Möller
+46 73 654 18 19

Rosenlundsgatan 40
118 53 Stockholm