Götessons Design Group

Human Design, Human growth

Götessons Design Group encompasses brands whose success is based on understanding people’s needs before they do. Together we create furniture, environments and products that combine beauty, good ergonomics and sustainability. We want you to thrive and grow. In both public and private settings. Today and tomorrow.

Götessons industri
Götessons creates ergonomic, functional, and well-designed comprehensive solutions to offices and public environments. We develop products where science meets design. Where the range is grounded by our long experience together with new trends and insights.

David Design
David design is a well-established international brand with a vision that accords quality, function and sustainability paramount importance when manufacturing iconic, functional and sustainable furniture.

Götessons Design Group also consists of AM Acoustics, GSIGN, FROM: and Scan Sørlie. 

Götessons Design Group:

Rönnåsgatan 5B
523 38 Ulricehamn
Phone: +46 (0)321-687700
Email: info@gotessons.se


Rosenlundsgatan 38F
118 53 Stockholm

Contacts, shoowroom
Caroline Unger 
+46 (0)321-68 77 74 

Camilla Ström
+46 (0)321-68 77 73