Mitab is one of the leading Scandinavian brands for interior design furniture

Mitab is a family-owned Swedish design company now in its second generation of leadership. 2019 marks Mitab’s 40th anniversary, a milestone that is tribute to our philosophy of simplicity, functionality, elegance in form and flexibility. The result is furniture that is innovative, intuitive and inspiring. A cadre of established and emerging designers striving for excellence and innovation drive the design of every Mitab product, which are manufactured responsibly in Sweden with the lightest environmental footprint possible.

At Mitab we love what we do. We develop products with the intention to create freedom and ease for our users to focus their energy on their passion. We believe that passion creates great things. We help our users to create their own great things.

At Mitab, we don’t hide anything: we believe that honesty lasts. By using clear, graphic design and revealing its construction, the functionality of our furniture becomes simply intuitive. This is a philosophy shared by the many established and emerging designers we collaborate with. Through our commitment to nurturing young talent, Mitab has been able to help many emerging designers become established, including Form Us with Love, Note Design Studio and Jonas Wagell, to mention just a few. And we continue this work at an even younger age through our partnerships with Swedish design schools and the sponsorship and mentoring of design competitions.

We are proud of our local heritage and roots. Manufacturing locally within our own factories gives us much greater control and adaptability over design and production even at low quantities, ensuring the highest quality and the most stringent environmental standards are adhered to. To do as much as possible as close as possible is our philosophy.

Rosenlundsgatan 40
118 53 Stockholm


Showroom: ETAGE1
Rosenlundsgatan 40
118 53 Stockholm

Phone: +46 140 53000