A big little business

Finja Betong emerged from a gravel pit in Finja, situated in the South of Sweden, in 1957. From the very start it was clear that the company was endowed with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Add a large amount of knowledge, dedication and courage and you´ll have today’s company – one of the country’s largest within the concrete industry.

At Finja we value being close to our customers, and we are present in several locations throughout the country. We are constantly growing but the fast-paced action of the small original family business remains, and we continuously develop new products and reinvest in modern production facilities. Everything to keep us in good shape and be able to continue our journey in the very best way.

At our website finja.se you’ll find detailed information on the entire product range and how we work with environmental and sustainability issues. Eager to hear more? Please don’t hesitate to contact us, either here at the center or via the channel of your choice. Welcome!

Finja Betong
Rosenlundsgatan 40
118 53 Stockholm

Email: magnus.safstrom@finja.se
Website: https://www.finja.se/

R40 Center
Rosenlundsgatan 40
118 53 Stockholm

Magnus Säfström, säljare

Jan- Erik Widell