functional, aesthetic and unique design

Magnus Olesen A/S develops and manufactures high quality furniture in cooperation with today’s leading designers and architects. The result is a functional, aesthetic and unique design that enhances the spaces where it’s placed – whether it’s in smaller interiors or for large conceptual architectural purposes.

The company was founded in 1937 with a strong believe in Danish craftsmanship ever since. It is today a well-reputed furniture company, developing and manufacturing functional design furniture of high quality and durability.

Durability and quality are core values in Magnus Olesen A/S. Our mission is to create high quality, sustainable design furniture, matching the needs and demands of our customers.

Magnus Olesen has always been focused on longevity and sustainability. The company has its production in Durup, Denmark. The Showroom of Magnus Olesen is placed in beautiful surroundings in Copenhagen.

Magnus Olesen A/S
Rosenlundsgatan 40


Phone: +46 70 190 73 82